The lab is fully equiped with the following departments.

Biochemistry Haematology Microbiology
Histopathology Cytology Hormone Assays
Oncology Immunology X – Ray
Virology Serology Enzymology
ECG Ultrasound Scan Executive Medical check up
Mobile Laboratory    

In each department we have qualified and experienced team leaders with highest commitment towards total quality and customer care.

The Computers in all departments are fully net-worked and there by enhanced the lab information system and automated diagnostic reports. Automation has also increased the speed,accuracy and precision of laboratoy investigations.

Department of Biochemistry

Biochemist busy with
STAT FAX 3300 a semi auto analyser

Department of Microbiology

Culture and Sensitivity test of a sample in progress
at the department of microbiology


Department of Histopathology

Tissue processing in different stages at
Department of Histopathology

Department of Radiology

A Patient at X - ray Dept.


Department of Haematology

Technitians meticulasly engaged
at the Department of Haematology

An ISO 9001-2008 certified Laboratory